After the loss of the family photos during the war, I decided to fill the black hole of introspection, which had gotten deeper and deeper as time had passed, with new photos, filtered through the prism of my own microcosm and my personal vision of the world around me.


 In this nostalgic creation of a certain new reality and in the eternal curiosity for discovering the hidden, I am attracted to that with which I can identify: the ephemerality of scenes, the intimate side of things and the people in whose individuality I can find the peculiar, through that which is seen and which is experienced. That is my photographic credo and my permanent inspiration.


 I search for the simple and clear pictures of the universal memory, which contain that magical photographic fluid and the unique metaphysical moment, for which I need only a simple camera with a roll of film in it. Photography is my passion, which constantly makes me accumulate, like a collector, the pictures I am missing, and new pictures which deserve to be preserved. 


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