To this day I clearly remember the old family camera, a 35mm Voigtländer with an optical viewfinder, which my father had bought in Germany before I was even born. It was during the time when he, with other Yugoslavs, was working there as a migrant worker. It was mostly used by my mother, who diligently used it to record all the important things and events in our family.  


 When I was a boy, I was not really interested in photography. I was more interested in the big box with the family photos. I loved those photos, I enjoyed browsing through them, and loved sorting them into groups that made sense only to me. Those were my first photography steps.


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 Max Juhasz was born in 1967 in the old Baroque town Vukovar, on the river Danube. He began photographing in 1991, during the war in Croatia. In his work he uses simple film-based cameras. He is the founding member of the photographic collective 'Cadre 36' and a member of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU). He lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.



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